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Award-winning Sitebuilder for beautiful websites.

Multifunctional design themes & features.

Choose from an abundance of more than 60 design templates, including a new selection of themes to enjoy more flexibility and improved design features.

Webdesign easily made.
No coding skills required.

Newest user technology and state-of-the-art features reduce your own effort down to what really counts - simply a beautiful website made with TOOL.

Complimentary website & web shop for every domain.

Register your domain at Swizzonic and get free access to TOOL's basic version with full access to all templates, including mini web shop for free.

Imagine websites so intuitive, they practically build themselves.

Whether personal homepage, business website or online shop - everything is possible.


It’s your story - You can always change it.

A successful website today thrives on structure and content.

The power of content is the foundation of TOOL’s modular design principle. Preconfigured content-blocks, available in every design template, assist you in conducting a solid and user-friendly website structure.
Every design template offers as a comprehensive content-block library with more than hundred preconfigured blocks – all well-matched to the chosen design layout.
This comprehensive content-block library supports and inspires you to compose the right wireframe and message for your website and audience.


It's all about content.

Control your wireframe like
professionals do.

From Header to Footer - From A to Z.
A diverse selection of ready-made content blocks covers every need and aspect of your website. Well categorized and simple to navigate through. TOOL’s bright selection of content-block types covers every kind of information and aspect of a modern website. Whether text, images, videos, galleries, contact forms and many more. 

How it works:
Drag & Drop your desired content-block from the library into your template. Duplicate, move and erase content-blocks as much and often as you want within the template. Tap-to-tailor the design of the content-block or fine-tune single elements inside the block like e.g. text-hierachy, buttons and media.

Form follows function.

Welcome to the 21st century - where a responsive website is a must-have in today's digital world.

Embrace the next level of responsiveness with our new editor. Not only will your website automatically appear responsive on all common gadgets. It's even possible to create and launch your page from any device.

How it works: Instead of a mouse-click on your PC or notebook, you can simply tap and tailor your page on your tablet or smartphone.

Choose a design theme

from an elegant selection of 60 design templates. Each theme equipped with a multitude of design features for more individuality and flexibility of your content.

Design Excellence.
Easily Made. 

Your fastest and most stylish way of building a website.

TOOL supports a variety of handy design functions including some newly released design features. Modify the look and feel of your website by adjusting fonts, colour schemes, images, iconography, Call-to-Action buttons and many more. AND Don't worry, your design changes never gonna hurt anyone's eyes. TOOL's intelligent editor automatically blends in every customization with the overal design tonality of your theme.

Multifunctional Themes

Choose one of the newly added themes and enjoy besides majorly improved design functions more flexibility regarding layout variations within a content-block. All new templates are available at both plans, TOOL Premium and TOOL Basic.

How it works: Use the gear icon (appears automatically on your screen) to open the content-block settings and re-arrange the overall alignment of  text or media content, whether left, right or centered.

Professional Font-Pairing

Sophisticated compilation of font pairings for a professional look & feel of your website. Choose a new theme and add more sophistication to your text layout through a manifold text hierarchy with up to 8 different text levels and designs. All fonts are license-free designer fonts.

How it works:
Open the drop-down menu "Website" in the editor’s navigation bar, tap on "Design" and open "Fonts" tab. Preview and try different font pairings within your template - choose one.

Cohesive Colour Schemes

A newly added selection of perfectly harmonized color palettes to refine your design. Your choosen colour schemes applies a cohesive look throughout your website including buttons, links, icons, background colors and text hierarchy.

How it works: Open the drop-down menu "Website" in the editor’s navigation bar, tap on "Design" and open "Colours" tab. Preview and try different colour schemes within your template – choose one.

Intuitive Inline Editing

The inline-editing menu appears automatically once you hover over the content block. All text content and information elements, whether headline, body text, links or citations or media data can be entered, uploaded, formatted and modified directly in your content-block.

How it works: Tap on the text field, enter your text and - if desired - use the inline-editing menu  to modify the text hierarchy. For more customisation select the text you wish to format and adjust it to bold, italic or underlined by using the inline-editing tool.

Photo Editor

Only show what you want to. Upload your photo directly into your template and use the image size editor to resize and position the picture to your needs.

NEW: Use filters and overlays to edit your pictures and overall tonality of your content. Both image editing features are currently only available with multifunctional themes.


Icon Gallery

They say “details make the design” and we sure adhere to this design principle. A comprehensive icon library provides you with right iconography. Every icon perfectly matches the style of your design theme and adapts to your preferred colour scheme.

How it works: Choose a content-block that displays icons in the preview. Drag & Drop it onto our template. Hover over the pre-installed icon and click on the Smiley, that appeares in the inline editing menu. Now simply browse through the icon gallery or find the right symbol via word search.

Media Content

Leverage your webdesign with some visuals and animated content.

How it works: Select a block that supports the desired type of media like photo or video.
Upload your photo straight into the content-block. For videos, simply provide the link by using the inline-editing feature, where you can provide the location of your video e.g. Youtube-Link.

Cookie Banner

Automatic integration and display of a GDPR-compliant banner, coherent with the style of your chosen design template.

Social Media

Integration of social media profiles and other portals such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. 

How it works: Choose either a social media content-block or configure your social profiles in the meta data settings under "Website" in the editor's navigation.

Let's Do Business.

Deliver a state-of-the-art shopping experience to your customers.

Exploit your market potential and reach out to your customers through contemporary sales channels and a state-of-the-art online shop. Whether start-up or grow-up business – our e-commerce solutions empower your online shop dreams and amplify your selling possibilities.

SHOP Basic

A complimentary web shop for every Swizzonic customer.

  • Premium Domain Service

    We grant you access to the basic version of our Sitebuilder and web shop for every domain registered at Swizzonic.
    Create a website with two content pages and enter the world of online selling with with a first mini-web shop online. Your website and web shop stays online for free and includes a SSL-certification for a safe handle of your website and shop. You only pay the annual fee of your domain subscription. Swizzonic offers popular domain endings like .ch for CHF 15.50 per year.
  • Display up to 3 products

    Display and sell of up to 3 products including digital products like e.g. music or photos.
  • PayPal acceptance

    Secured payment processing via PayPal.


The perfect platform with all relevant e-commerce and point-of-sale functions to start, operate and expand your business globally.

Whether through your website, mobile marketplaces or social media. SHOP supports different distrbution channels and is ideal for small, medium or large companies. Including 37 languages and many other functions and settings for a modern web shop experience.

  • Secured e-Commerce Platform

    An automatic SSL encryption of your website and shop guarantees your customers a safe visit and secured order process.
  • +45 Payment Gateways

    Integration of over 45 payment gateways for processing national and international payments.
  • International Delivery Services

    Integration of international parcel service providers, real-time calculation of shipping costs based on the location of the customer, shipping notification and tracking.


Accelerate your business from big to bigger.

SHOP Pro is premium e-commerce solution best suitable for e.g. merchants with a high volume and complex portfolio. SHOP Pro is also ideal for companies, who pursue a customer-centric philosophy through sophisticated online selling and branding experience. Manage your shop and customers with an array of state-of-the-art features
  • Consistent branding with customizable order and invoice forms,
  • Integration of popular payment methods, e.g. Google Checkout,
  • Sell digital products like music or photos,
  • Analysis & evaluation of customer buying behavior,
  • Real-time calculation of shipping costs,
  • Display of customer IP addresses,
  • User accounts for customers,
  • Tracking of shipping status,
  • Convenient shop management through mobile app,
  • and many more


TOOL Basic

Register your domain at Swizzonic and launch a complimentary website and webshop, all including SSL-certificate. 

  • Create a website with two content pages
  • Full access to all design themes & functions
  • Launch a Mini-Webshop with SHOP Basic
  • max. File Upload Size 5 MB 

Free / every year
with a DOMAIN subscription

TOOL Premium

The full version of our award-winning Sitebuilder. Now available exclusively for Swizzonic domain customers.

  • Unlimited Content
  • Unlimited Design
  • CSS style editor for customization
  • max. File Upload Size 250 MB 

CHF 165 / p.a. with a DOMAIN subscription

Online Shop

  Kindly be informed, all e-Commerce models are available only in combination with a domain registered at Swizzonic. Both Premium plans, SHOP & SHOP Pro additionally require a subscription of TOOL Premium.

SHOP Basic

Register your domain at Swizzonic and receive a complimentary website including mini webshop for free. Simply assign TOOL Basic to the domain and off you go with a petite but sweet online shopping experience.

Free / every year


A sophisticated platform with all relevant e-commerce and point-of-sale functions to start and grow a business.  SHOP supports up to 37 languages, real-time tracking of payment and inventory, real-time shipping quotes calculation and many more.

CHF 130 / per year


Upgrade your SHOP with premium selling and branding experience features by SHOP Pro. Enjoy a huge array of extended functions like e.g. App-Management, Google-Checkout, Data analysis, customized order and invoice forms and many more.

CHF 360 / per year


How-To & Contact

Find out how to kick-start your website project with Swizzonic.
Start by registering your domain, then launch our beautiful TOOL editor and smoothly incorporate your online shop.


Register a DOMAIN.

A domain is basically an address as well as an identity on the web. With over 500 domain endings, Swizzonic offers Switzerland's largest domain portfolio. From regional and global bestseller, to industry-specific, lifestyle oriented and creative domains.

How it works:
Check the availability of your desired domain in the domain finder and register your domain.
Please note: Managing domain/s and using our hosting products like Sitebuilder require a Swizzonic user account. Feel free to open your account before you start finding your domain or go with the flow, find your domain first and open your account during the domain registration process.

Activate TOOL.

Once you've registered a domain at Swizzonic, you automatically created an user account that enables you access to the Sitebuilder.

How to activate the Sitebuilder:
Click on “Manage DOMAINs” in the navigation bar to open the Domain Manager dashboard with your domain portfolio. 
Go to column “Actions”,  click button “Assign/Edit Products” to open Product Assignment dashboard. Several tabs will open up below. 
Scroll down to the Sitebuilder tab and associate either TOOL Basic or TOOL Premium to your domain by selecting the button “Assign Product”

Choose your design theme.

Choose a design template that reflects your project and style. Every design template comes with a bright selection of  preconfigured content-blocks.
After you selected a theme, the editor's user interface editor will open. Hooray - youre ready to start your project. A well structured navigation bar and intuitive drag & drop handling allows you to easily add and edit content-blocks directly in your website template.

Use the navigation bar  to add so-called meta data to your website (such as logo, social media profiles and contact information). 

Create your website.

Design your website using preconfigured content blocks to structure your website's content from header to footer. Duplicate an entire page if desired and edit the name of eag page directly in the navigation bar.

How to launch a quick Business-One-Pager: Select a design template, open the content library and select  content block "Business Card". Enter the relevant informations like for e.g contact details, upload your a pictures if you wish - and your responsive One-Pager is ready to go online. 

Add web shop.

Hover to the navigation bar of the editor, open menu item "Website" and select "Online Shop". A message box will pop-up on your screen. Confirm "Leave Page" to enter the SHOP editor.

A wizard guide assists you with the setup of your products and installation of your web shop conditions. Click on  "Back to Editor" button located top-left of the navigation bar to return to the TOOL editor.  Drag & Drop content block "Online Shop" into your template. Kindly note: Stylistic properties of your content-block web shop (e.g. buttons, product displays etc) can be adjusted through the SHOP editor menu.

Nice to see you online.

Launch your website and shop by clicking the final "Publish" button, located top-right of the editor's navigation bar.

TOOL supports a responsive creation and display of your website on all current web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and many more. Kindly note: Internet Explorer is not a current web browser.

Video Tutorials

Visit our YouTube Channel and learn more about our intuitive Sitebuilder. Our Promo-Video demonstrates all the basic usability and design functions of the editor interface for e.g. how to launch the content-library and what the navigation menu has to offer.
The Content-Block video explains how to manage and edit your content-block settings and it's elements.


Contact Us

Our helpdesk team is available by phone from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 6pm. You can also sen us your requests by email.

Phone: 0848 69 69 69
This website was created with TOOL Premium.  
We used the new theme "Standard" with the Font Pairing "Source Sans", Source of pictures
All quoted prices refer to a product subscription term of one 1 year and require a DOMAIN registration at Swizzonic.